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At Excelsior Mental Health Services I provide a broad range of traditional therapeutic services to address your mental health needs including individual psychotherapy/counseling, family counseling, couples counseling, and group psychotherapy. The ABOUT page has more detail on my specific approach to therapy and how I integrate these various treatment models into your treatment plan. Of course, if you have any questions you can always contact us and I or my assistant will gladly answer your questions. I want to make sure you are getting the most out of your Excelsior experience.

Individual Counseling/Psychotherapy

In individual counseling you and I will work together, one on one, to help you identify and address your personal mental health needs and goals. Perhaps you have had a traumatic experience and are seeking comfort and tools to overcome intrusive thoughts and fears. Perhaps you have been experiencing depression or anxiety about work. Maybe your child or adolescent is struggling with self-esteem or having a hard time with a life transition such as entering middle or high school. It could be that you or a loved one have been struggling with substance abuse issues. Or it could simply be that you want to find some clarity to a problem you have been facing. In any case you and I, together, will enlist your personal strengths and interests to overcome your concerns and help you grow and excel beyond what brought you to counseling. 

Youth Counseling

Family Counseling

Family Therapy Session

Occasionally, a problem impacts a whole family and working with one or two individual members of the family simply will not fully address the concern. It is for these moments that family counseling was created. Perhaps you have a teen exhibiting behavior concerns that are impacting the whole family. Maybe a significant member of the family has passed away and the whole family is grieving the loss. It could be that you simply feel that you fight all the time and simply want peace in your household. In family counseling I will work with the whole family, utilizing a combination of individual and family sessions, to identify family roles and boundaries that may be problematic, relationship concerns, and individual mental health or behavioral concerns that may be impacting the family as a whole. We are not solitary creatures and our personal ability to grow and excel often relies on the quality of our family relationships and support. Family counseling can help to improve boundaries and relationships so all members of the family can heal, grow, and excel as individuals.

Relational Counseling

Every relationship goes through seasons, has its ups and downs. But you will be more likely to weather the storms and more easily recognize and enjoy the beautiful moments if you have and use the skills necessary for a healthy and satisfying relationship. In relational counseling you will work with your partner(s) to identify trouble spots, set relationship goals, create healthy boundaries, and learn the communication and conflict resolution skills necessary for you to achieve your relationship goals. I will provide support to everyone involved as you identify and clarify your relationship goals and will provide knowledge and skills to help you achieve those goals so everyone involved can have a relationship that they are comfortable and happy with.

Couples Therapy

Group Counseling/Psychotherapy

Group Therapy

Sometimes it is helpful, when dealing with difficult life circumstances, to realize that we are not alone in our experience and to have a supportive group of like-minded individuals working toward a similar goal or to overcome a similar problem. This is the power and value of group therapy. Group therapy can encompass a nearly endless list of concerns including parenting, gender specific mental health issues, grief, trauma, and self-esteem. In group therapy you will meet and work with other clients who share a similar concern and/or goal, you can learn from each other’s successes and failures, find support from people who share your life experiences, and find a space to share your knowledge, all while addressing your personal mental health needs and goals. A schedule of upcoming group therapy topics will be coming soon and will be posted under the FOR CLIENTS tab.

I offer both in-office and telehealth sessions.

I offer sessions after school/work.

I have immediate openings and am currently accepting both self-pay clients and insurance.
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